Wuhan Waking Lion Chemicals Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhan-a big city in Central China, known as the thorough-fare to nine provinces,The company covers an area of 200, employs over 1,000 people including 300 technicians and generates a turnover of approximately ¥1.5 billion.The products produced by the company are salable not only in the domestic market, but also in the foreign market covering over 50 countries in Europe,Amedca,South-East Asia and Middle EastAts annual income from sales is about 35-50 millions of US dollars from export.Waking lion is awarded the tide of the most excellent export brand by China Chamber of Com-merce of Metals & Chemicals Importers&Exporters.

The company mainly manufactures phosphates and is one of the earliest enterprises in China researching,de-veloping&producing STPP and other phosphates.The total phosphates are categorized into seven according to sodium,potassium,ammonia,zinc,manganese,mag-nesium,iron,with different grades & specifications,such as industry grade,food grade,feed grade, medicine grade,reagent grade,electrical grade and so on.The production capacity of purified phosphates is 250,000 t/y.Besides,hydrogen peroxide and phosphoric acid are 150,000 t/y and 200,000 t/y respectively.

Through continuous development for decades, the company has become a key production&export base of phosphates in China manufacturing chemical raw materials,household fertilizers,chemical reagents,food additives in as many as dozens of different types.

In recent years,the company has tried boldly to reform its organization and is through pain-taking work on technical innovation,productstructure improve-ment and developing both domestic & foreign markets that a big leap forward has been witnessed(in terms of all technological & economical indices)-being granted the certificate of IS09001:2008 International Quality
System,IS022000:2005 Food Safety Management System (HACCP),Kosher and HALAL.the establish-ment of a technical center integrating research,devel-opment & production in order to develop and apply new
products and new technics,which has won the compa-ny a good international reputation. 


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